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This is My new Clip on youtube as nomal i cant think of any game that i can play so i have pick Donkey Kong On the Snes. If people tell me what to game to play then i will play for them. I need more People to sub so yeah enjoy with a funny Warring i mess up.

Warning: This Game Might Be Lagging So I'm sorry If it Is. Do not Put Your Face The Screen too close you Might Get Brain Damages. LOL I'm kidding so Enjoy the Video. DaMonkeyAttack ~<

05 May 2009 @ 03:37 pm

I did not Wirte this, i wish i did.

After two professional stints as a video game reviewer, and now after being named an advisor on Epinions, I figure it's about time for me to write one of these Community Center thingys on what makes a good video game review, in terms of style, information, and schwerve.

First off, you've gotta include the Big 5. There are 5 main points everyone wants to know about in a good game review. Those 5 areas of the game are:

1) Gameplay
2) Graphics
3) Sound
4) Endings/Extras
5) Overall Quality/Bang for Buck.

Now, there's obviously NO way you can cover all of this in only 100 words. So if you write one of those reviews that barely makes 100 words, you're automatically not getting a HR from me. I don't care how hard it was for you to come with those 100 words, or how quality they are, you aren't going to tell me what I'd need to know, therefore, your review is not useful to me. Here's how to cover the Big 5.


This is that area of the game that encompasses everything about the game that doesn't have a real section. Good things to cover in this area are level design, control issues & fluidity, bugs, fun factor, playability, plot, and pretty much everything else that caught your attention that isn't in the other 4 categories.

You want to write a lot in this area because, without gameplay, you have a really bad game. Also, with really good gameplay, you can take out the other 4 categories and still have a great game. Your review may help sway someone's opinion of the game, so write it well, because his money is at stake here.


This is pretty self-explanatory. How's the game look? Does anything in particular stand out, or grate against you? Do certain things look out of place, is the overall theme of the game reflected in the graphics?


This one too, is pretty straightforward. Is the background music good? Do you find yourself humming it after you've put the controller down, or looking to pick up the soundtrack? Do the voiceovers blow chunks? Did the game sound much cooler in Japanese?


This really only applies to a game you liked enough to finish. I've played some games for 15 minutes and known that I was going to hate it al lthe way through. Why bother playing a game for 2 hours that sucks after 15 minutes? Pan the game and be done with it. Don't look for redeeming qualities deeper into the game...I've been around this industry for a long time, and I've never had a game get better as it went on. Make sure you have played the game long enough to adequately address the Big 5, though.

If you do play a game and you finish it, tell the reader if the ending is rewarding or not. Every game I've played recently has had a fairly/very disappointing ending. Deus Ex, Vanguard Bandits, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. You just want to let the player know in advance, so if they aren't enjoying the game, maybe they won't waste their time finishing the game if it has one of those aforementioned horrid endings.

Remember, don't tell them WHAT the ending is, just rate the quality of it.

As far as extras go, you want to tell the player how to access them, so they don't go around looking for it the whole time. Also, if you've got a useful cheat, it might be a good idea to drop that into your review. It'll give you something that the other reviewers don't have.

Overall Quality/Bang for the Buck

Is this game worth buying after all is said and done? Did you feel like you got $30-$40 worth of value out of your purchase? Or is it more of a rental level enjoyment? A lot of these video game companies are trying to skate by making really bad games, like Nintendo, and I'm sick of seeing it happen. If it's not worth buying tell people so, and they can spend their money supporting a quality developer, as well as sending a message out to the slop producing companies.

Most Importantly

You are never the sole source of information someone needs to make a judgement on a purchase. I don't care if you work at a game store, or whatever, your review isn't worth paying you the $.01 for my page view if you haven't written it well. You are NOT bigger than the game. I wish I could go to all these game magazine and ram that down each and every writer's throats out there. Most of these so-called "professionals" have developed such inflated egos it's a wonder they even bother writing reviews for us lowly normal people.

More important to a potential game buyer isn't the fact that you're spectacular or sensational, rather, being HONEST about a game is the most important thing.

These "professional" reviewers would have you believe every word they say because "they are right." Well, don't listen to them. Listen to me, and others like me because "we're honest." If the game sucks, we aren't getting any advantage out of saying otherwise, so we'll tell you the truth. I try and make my reviews well written, entertaining, informative, and most importantly, hype-free, and 100% truthful.

Do the same, and you'll be an advisor here in no time flat.

05 May 2009 @ 03:36 pm

The title say it all , Now I have My Own Myspace with Myslef on it and no not a pic * tease* mahaha. But Anyway here is the website, i work on it with banner and make it look More cool.



Ok Here Is my Top 5 Fav Youtube Game Review of the Funnyness Or just Bad A**, Were here is my top Page of my Fav Game Review with there link so Enjoy.

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05 May 2009 @ 03:34 pm

With all the buzz on the 'net around the announcement of Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, some additional information has come to light by way of an alternate take on the label design and packaging.

Per some forum members at BevNET involved with Pepsi sales, we know that the retro flavors will be arriving in regular 20 oz. bottles with new labels. The Pepsi bottle uses the imprinted 'wave' pattern we first saw with the redesign of the Diet Pepsi line and introduction of Diet Pepsi Max in 2007.

Meanwhile, the Dew bottle maintains its vertical 'swirl' pattern. We saw these being used heavily last summer with the "DEWmocracy 3"... Mountain Dew Supernova, Mountain Dew Revolution, and Mountain Dew Voltage (by the way, Voltage won that vote).

Of interest, however, is that the label design might not follow the previous images filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. An internal promotional piece of artwork shared with the Pepsi Bottling Group illustrates a completely different look.

The Pepsi bottle showcases the logo design used from 1973-91, with the Pepsi font in non-italic sitting inside the two halves of what we now refer to as the Pepsi Globe. The light, baby blue color also makes a return as an accent in the background, which is prominently white, split between a red and blue bar. It's very 80s feeling, taking on the red/white/blue color scheme that Pepsi was known for before they claimed "blue" as their official color in 1998.

The label has a weathered look, reflecting the ****used during the Pepsi Retro campaign in Mexico last year. The phrase "Made with Real Sugar" adorns the top of the label, with "Refreshingly Retro" and "Limited Time Offer" in smaller print on the bottom. In fact, the "Refreshingly Retro" tagline seems to be something that Pepsi is running with here, given that it's the title of this trade piece. The last time Pepsi did a retro-themed bottle design for a mainstream product was 2004's Pepsi Holiday Spice, which was favorable accepted for its look, but apparently didn't sell well enough to warrant its return.

On the Mountain Dew side of things, we see a return to the 'box' logo used throughout the 1970s/80s. It has a bit of a rounded top/bottom to it, but still remains the logo most folks would remember (and references Pepsi's trademark filing for the Throwback lineup).

Instead of using the references Pepsi's trademark filing previously-noted font for "Throwback" which we saw with the patent office submission - which seemed to be the same font used in the controversial new Pepsi logo - PepsiCo has gone with more of a cartoony, upper-case font to denote "Throwback" under the traditional Dew logo. It's not a very integrated way to do it, but for the customer that this product is targeting, it probably doesn't matter. Like its Pepsi sibling, the phrase "Made with Real Sugar" adorns the top of the label, with "Refreshingly Retro" and "Limited Time Offer" sitting below the logo.

It should be noted that the bottom of the information provided to the Pepsi Bottling Group regarding the design of the Throwback products have the following disclaimer: "Visuals are directional only. Final executions may vary." So this might not be the final artwork. We will see!

Per a report by Serious Eats, the pricepoint for both of these products will be the same as regular high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) sweetened Pepsi and Dew. Their availability will be from April 20-June 13, which gives you just 54 days to enjoy sugar-sweetened goodness in these beverages. Is it any coincidence that the availability of these drinks just happens to be around Passover, traditionally the time when both Kosher Coke and Kosher Pepsi have been previously available? Hmmm....

One of the other questions being raised about these two new products is what kind of sugar is being used. For example, Jones Soda now headlines their products as being "Pure Cane Soda", listing "inverted cane sugar" as the primary sweetener in the ingredients. This has sparked some conflict as well regarding just what is considered "sugar" these days. In the case of the Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback lines, is pure cane sugar going to be used (which is preferred by beverage enthusiasts)? Or will beet sugar, which is cheaper and pulled from sugar beets, not exactly on the same level as cane sugar. These questions remain to be answered as we await this HFCS-free line of limited edition drinks.

( My Thought )

OK i whent to the gas sation to Pick Up the New Mountain Dew as i drink it seem Dif with the Tase Becase of the New Natural Suger is in it. the only dif i can tell is the tase of the Mountain Dew and Less Suger Rush to drink it. Mostly the dink not bad the only dif is the Soidum And Super G has changes, Now the New Mountain Has Little Less.As you Can Tell the Mountain Dew Logo is the Old School Retro 70's Look. The Drink is Not bad but i still like the Oringal Drink then this One with New Suger in it.

05 May 2009 @ 03:33 pm

As im working on game review i been haveing Problem putting on Pic on my about me like otther people did on there but i do not know how to do that. i was goina upload my Samuraio Ducky which is funny Pic and i got a funny qoute with my friend so anyone know how to put a images on thAbout me on the Bio Pages. Here a pic of my Ducky

05 May 2009 @ 03:33 pm

Kirby Super Star ( Snes , 1996 )

This Is The Most Fun Kirby Game Out there. The game as you play Kirby which is 8 game at One Now that is fun.You Don'T even have to buy 8 Kirby game for lots of money now. The Thing you Get Play as a Cute Little Pink Bubble looking guy you just want to pop or eat him because he look like Bubblegum .... I'm Not Kidding. But Anyway as you play this game there is 8 game i was Saying and here is the List.

Games |:

Spring Breeze
Dyna Blade
Gourmet Race
The Great Cave Offensive
Revenge of Meta Knight
Milky Way Wishes
The Arena

MINI Game |:

Samurai Kirby
Megaton Punch

I Would talk about These game But it will Take too long to Type what i think of the game But i guest i will for you people.

Spring Breeze

OK as everyone Know the Spring Breeze is the same as the version Kirby's Dream Land Version For the Game Boy, The Problem i was having was the game Lagging In the game which the graphic and game. the control is easy but Sometime Kirby will Not do you always want him to do sometime because of the lagging's but its still a good game and it Better Playing the game boy version because of the less lagging in the game. As always you want to kill them Pain in the Butt Boss and do the Sexy Kirby Dance.

Dyna Blade

Ah this game So Remind Me Of the Mario Game like Mario 2 on Snes. The game play is to It uses a world map, with four levels Kirby must clear and a boss at the end. The boss as the end is a giant bird called Dyna Blade. Yeah I Wiki that last part. The game has 4 part and in the End you Must Destroy the Giant Bird Name Dyna Blade. Yeah the name Sound So bad A** but I guest It Make Sense to make it kinda like a mini game but Hey there is 8 game in this One.

Gourmet Race

I didn't like this One Much Because of the Lack of knowing when you start which is Unfair and the Hard Challenges of Knowing the Track and the food. This game is Not bad but its Not My Type.

The Great Cave Offensive

The Game Is Good, You Must Look For sixty treasure chests strewn throughout the game. Some are Hidden SO good so this mostly a Challenges game but it still fun. the game Has mostly good monster which has good move which will help you find the Hidden Treasure in the game. Mostly the game Is fun to play.

OK I'm not gonna Do all of them be case this will take too long so I hope you Enjoy This So here Is my Game Score for It on the Bottom.


Story - 10

Game play - 10

Graphics - 9.5

Music - 9.5

Multi player - 8.0

Overall Rating: 9.8 - Excellent

Thanks For Reading My Review I hope you Guy Enjoy i. If you Like My Review Check Out My Blog And Don't Forget to Add Me.

05 May 2009 @ 03:32 pm

Well i found out they told me what htye goina pull but it whont be till may 7 So grrrr i hate whey do that but oh well this man im getting 4 teeth pull so yeah i whont be happy after that.

05 May 2009 @ 03:31 pm
im goina hate this monday i have to get 2 teeth pills and I reall really Hate Neddles * shiver* i hate pain too so yeah Monday is goina be sucky, i might be on but mostly i dont know depend the pain i have... so yeah it goina SUCCK
05 May 2009 @ 03:31 pm
Sorry i been gone for a Fews day i bet i lost some good Level % doing that but anyway i am back. I been Mostly Looking for more Snes Sucky Game or any that i could try out and review. the one site i like close down there website so now im looking for more info. in otther news i have been busy with otther thing i just forgot to check out the game spot page or post so sorry.